How to Build Your Website Content

Content is important for the development, relevancy and visibility of your website in the search engine results to your target website users and visitors. While it is not crucial to have hundreds of articles, graphics and videos on your site’s pages, it is important that your content is better than our competition’s content and unique in specific areas of interest to your visitors.

Article creation

When writing your articles consider all the needs, wants, doubts and interests of your target customers and visitors. Maybe you can present your articles with interesting facts, unusual stories, testimonials of previous visitors, colleges, friends, industry experts within your niche. Consider creating pillar articles which target main points of interest to the larger portion of your website’s audience. Pillar articles collect all the important facts regarding a certain subtopic within your niche. Maybe you know of dozens of ways to make something. Perhaps you have researched hundreds of ways to fix something.

Consider interviewing experts in your niche and presenting the interview in written and audio form on your site. Write about your own experiences and knowledge. Talk to your past, current or potential audience on forums, discussion boards to see if there are topics of interest to them which have yet to be discussed on sites within your niche.

Audio creation

You can always create audio files, spirit blade mountain novel podcasts, music files, recording of your interviews, presentations, tutorials, key points of your content. Some people enjoy audio formats more than other formats.


Think of anything you can use in an audio format. Perhaps your niche has to do with music. Try to record some of your playing or singing. Record some tutorials on how to play an instrument. Interview a musician and post the interview on your site.

Video creation

Videos are a huge opportunity which is often underused. Younger people generally tend to view more videos on sites such as Youtube, kenkyo kenjitsu Dailymotion, Vimeo and the like. Create a video presentation regarding your products, services, reviews and post them on video sharing sites with your site link. Embed your videos on your site as well. Optimize the videos with appropriate keywords and phrases in order to target your audience and bring the value.

You can find free tools online for making short videos, presentations and tutorials. There are also paid tools with more functions and you can always hire a freelancer if you are not comfortable with presenting yourself.



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