Low-Cost Ways to Make a Small Living Room Look Larger

A home does not have to offer lots of square footage to look and feel spacious. Some of the most gorgeous homes of all are small in dimension but large in character and style. You do not have to knock out walls or expand the home to make smaller areas appear grand. It is not the physical size of a space that matters anyway. Even very large rooms can look and feel inadequate. Consider these low-cost ways to make a small living room look larger, and save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars over costly and time-consuming construction alternatives. Heavenly Jewel Change

Continuity and Color

The living room is usually the largest area in a home. After all, it is where the family gathers for entertainment, socializing and relaxation. If the living space is small, chances are the entire home could use a makeover. When seeking low-cost ways to make a small living room look larger, consider going with a single light hue throughout the home instead of painting each room a different color. Not only will the living room seem larger, but the entire interior will look and feel much more spacious.gakusen_toshi_asterisk___anime_icon_by_wasir525-d921di0

Make Use of Natural Light Sources

A lighter wall color will instantly make a small living room look larger, but only if the space is well-lit. Even very light walls will still look dismal without a good source of light. Natural lighting is best, especially during daylight hours. Take down heavy drapes and room-darkening shades or blinds. Unless someone sleeps in the room, it does not need to be dark. Hang light-filtering shades or blinds for privacy. If you want to dress up the windows further, choose sheers or something equally as delicate. These low-cost options will allow more natural light to filter in during the day. More importantly, delicate window treatments will give the living room a light and airy appearance. Gakusen toshi asterisk

Raise the Roof with Paint

A cathedral ceiling adds tremendous height and square footage in a living room that is otherwise boxy in appearance. However, eliminating the attic and reconfiguring the space is a costly and time-consuming undertaking. It is not always possible either since supporting walls are often a factor. You can make a small living room look larger for the price of a can of paint. To make the ceiling appear higher than it really is, paint it a cool crisp shade of white. Using paint is a low-cost way to completely change the look of a space. It will create an illusion of height.

Reconsider the Furniture

When looking for low-cost ways to make a small living room look larger, reconsider your furniture. Bulky overstuffed sofas and chairs might be extra comfy, but they are not ideal for a small living room. New furniture is not a low-cost option, but a single oversized piece can be eliminated. Repurpose a chair, a loveseat or an unnecessary table to another area of the home. If you cannot use it elsewhere, donate or sell it. The space will look instantly larger when unnecessary furnishings are removed, especially after painting and replacing heavy draperies.



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